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As a creative music agency, We aim to uplift the quality of people’s life, through showing the people through the inspirational gate of music & entertainment; by the planning, managing, and evaluating processes of the artist, the music and the events.

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It’s time to wave farewell to such a blissful and a holy month, and to welcome back the three-day, most joyous feas…
about 1 month ago | @SawtMusic

We offer consultancy in music and entertainment to help other entities in their events. With our long history in music production, we have the experience and knowledge to ensure that each project makes the most impact that music can have on people.
We will work with you using a business approach to create a music strategy with a customized marketing and management service serving your event needs.
We will assist you in choosing the right mode and theme of the event, matching music genre, satisfying general atmosphere, convenient lighting system and exciting entertainment.

Audio production
We produce Radio ads, Voice Overcasting, Soundtracks, Singles tracks & Albums.


Media Production
We create and Produce program intros, Jingles, TV programs, TV commercials, Video clips, Event videos and Promos.

We organize tours for renowned artists as well as emerging artists in Egypt with international professionalism standards. We introduce the artist to the Egyptian musical scene through a tour program with huge advertising and marketing campaigns including media interviews, T.V and radio shows, celebrities’ gathering, corporate events, and press conferences.

Our tour plan contains theme creation and choosing of concert timings that suit the artist’s music genre then travel bookings, hotels reservation and smooth road managing and hospitality.

As a full-service agency, we do the full cycle of the event, starting from the Event Planning, in terms of developing event concepts, theme, and artwork.
Event Marketing by launching strong campaigns to make a huge buzz for the ultimate fan engagement leading to PR Campaigns which ensure the segmented exposure and publicity. The Event Production and Management maintain the operations quality and meeting top-notch standards. Finally, we provide full Event Documentation and Analysis, through capturing the events best moments and evaluating every aspect starting from media production, clients’ satisfaction, attendees’ feedbacks, event atmosphere and choice of music genre.