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Our Story


Sawt Music is a full-service music agency that presents unique and exceptional forms of art, music and entertainment. We provide top-notch services in event planning, PR and marketing, managing and analysis. On the other side, we provide music and entertainment consulting, artist management and media production.

Our Start

Sawt Music recognized the audience’s thirst for valuable music. Thus, we created this platform, where artists and musicians deliver their sentiments and values through influential, touching and sincere music.


Our primary focus is to promote unique styles of music and entertainment by analyzing the audiences’ tastes and behaviours, scouting for fresh and serious talents and bringing Egypt back to the leadership of sponsoring arts, especially the main hub for Arabian cultural exchange.


We analyze the music and entertainment scene which is rapidly growing and expanding now as well as its artists’ performances (singers, bands, instrument players, parades performers, shows hosts and stand-up comedians). Along with the events, we do a full scale of planning, concerts managing and tours for all artists. We also work as consultants and booking agents for all of the independent musicians and bands in the MENA region, as we are targeting the global music and entertainment market.

Contact Us

49b El-Thawara st., 6th floor
Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt
(+02) (012) 27 333 270
[email protected]