CAIRO – 27 November 2018: Algerian singer Souad Massi is set to hold a concert in New Cairo on Wednesday, Nov. 28. Massi’s much anticipated concert encloses numerous surprises for her fans.

Massi is expected to sing prominent poet Mahmoud Darwish’s “Agmal hob” (Best love) that portrays love and peace for the first time, in addition to a poem by Baha’ al-Din Zuhair. Massi will also present a song in the Egyptian dialect written by Nader Abdallah and composed by Khaled Ezz.

The concert will be the first of a series of concerts that will be held under the title “Best of Souad Massi Orchestral Selection” in cooperation with Sinecope, George Kolta’s orchestra.

Born on August 23, 1972, Massi is an Algerian Berber singer, songwriter and guitarist. She began her career performing in the Kabyle political rock band Atakor before leaving the country following a series of death threats.

Massi’s music, which prominently features the acoustic guitar, displays western musical influences such as rock, country and Portuguese fado, but sometimes incorporates oriental musical influences and oriental instruments like oud.

Massi sings in classical Arabic, Algerian Arabic, French, Berber language and occasionally in English, often employing more than one language in the same song.

By Egypt Today